My Soul is From Elsewhere…

Some of us feel it strongly: The longing for the horizon. The desire to be anywhere but home. The enthusiasm for adventure, impressions and learning.

Sometime these voices get louder who tell us to just take the next train or plane to go far away from our daily lives pressure and judgement and to reconnect with our inner self.

Sometimes we try to get access to this deepest self by joining a meditation or yoga class or reading wise books.

But will we truly understand where we are from? What is the need to know? Why all this research? There is certainly a gap to fill on the quest for the answer that tortures many men and women of the so called “civilized” world: Do we have a soul and where will it go after we leave?

Display your soul search on a laptop sleeve featuring the famous quote by RUMI: “My Soul is from elswhere, I am sure of it, and I intend to end up there.”

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