Looking for a Small Wintery Gift?

Imagine that a friend of yours, loves nature and its various seasonal changes. So what could be the best gift , you could take along to his/her dinner party? Wine or maybe flowers! But these gifts are quite common. Instead, if you carry a sliding puzzle, which displays a castle or a snow filled landscape as a small present, it can be a bliss for people who love solving graphical riddles.

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Actually, this kind of gift is neither limited to expatriates nor to children. It serves every person who enjoys reassembling a beautiful scenery. It will also be useful, when travelling to a winter holiday destination, either by plane or train and also during the long evenings one experiences, after a sporty day of skiing or doing cross country.

In any case, it is original and will remind the recipient of you each time he or she lays eyes on it.

Instead of bringing a bottle of wine for a dinner at friends bring a sliding puzzle.


A Wintergift for the Cultured Expat Child


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