Longing for Snow

Finally, its winter in Europe! A season which puts an end to sweat, thirst and long summer days, where going to bed early never seemed easy and admiring that glow on your face in the mornings, seemed distant.

Which magical animal can leave this kind of trace…

With the chills and cold weather, comes out the caps, scarfs, gloves and red runny noses and not to forget, the fashionable horseman style boots, longingly worn by women with their tight trousers.

For Expatriates coming from different countries, especially the hotter parts of the globe, it is a dream come true. Prayers and wishes of seeing, touching and tasting the snow begins. It is not the city snow that only lasts for 2 hours before turning into an undefinable mushy, dirty, greasy substance, which you would not want any body contact with. But the snow, which can be crushed under your boots, the snow which can be used to make a snow man with a carrot nose, the snow which can be made into a ball, and thrown at your friends, the real snow.

Meribel France would be a place to go

Meribel France could be a place to go

Well, the snow God is capricious (probably female) and does not respond to pressuring demands. Thus, to make your imagination turn into reality, you might need to make a little effort and plan a trip to the mountains, including some cross country lessons.

Places like France, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland, offer the tectonic heights that make snow fall more likely.

Till you get there, you can continue dreaming of snow everyday, while looking at the marvellous art piece displayed above, which can complete the look on your plain wall.

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