The Ideal Gift For An Expat Friend Who’s Moving To A New Country

Moving to a new country is an emotional roller-coaster ride for both- the expat and the ones who are left behind. Gifts and treats work best when you bid adieu to an expat friend. Also, occasional festive gifts are nothing less than home-coming for expats who are miles away. Don’t forget to make them feel special and loved as they set out for a whole new life in a foreign land.

But, coming up with an ideal gift idea for the expat in your life can be arduous. Will it fit in a suitcase? Will it weigh too much? Will it break or spill? Will it be opened and searched at the airport? These are the usual worries attached to those fancy chocolates, wine bottles, metal showpieces, frames and precious photo books etc. So get over the fancy stuff and consider a gift that they can keep near to them. Something, that makes them feel like they’re not forgotten each day they see (or wear) it.

What’s better than a customized shirt? The expatriate in your life must have seen some fascinating sights, met interesting people, worked long hours at a job, and covered a lot of air travel miles but he will always cherish a shirt gifted by a native friend to keep him company in the unfamiliar land.

If you’re convinced, this particular shirt designed by ExpatBazar is an absolute fit. It is available on Zazzle and can be bought for $55. It can be customized into whatever you like. This shirt is available in various sizes and styles to suit every expat’s personality. You can choose what you feel will look the best on your dear friend and customize it accordingly. These shirts are available in various colors. From pink, yellow to white and blue, there’s a color for every soul. The quality is of the highest grade because they’re Nike and are very comfortable for everyday use. Your expat friend will actually be able to use it, so it’s a practical win.

These are only a few reasons out of many which make this creation by ExpatBazar, the most ideal gift to wish bon voyage to your expat friend.