How to Make a Bicultural Relationship Work?

Think about finding love and getting into a bicultural relationship – daunting, right? Relationships are becoming difficult in monocultural setups, which is one reason imagining it in an arrangement where there is language barrier, difference in ethics and upbringing is often seen synonymous to a wild dream. Irrespective of how difficult it can be, love happens. It strikes you in the most unfavourable places with the least expected people. That’s the volatile nature of love. It just happens and surpasses all boundaries; geographical and mental. While it is on the love to happen, it is your responsibility to keep it alive.

Interracial Couple, Expat Love

Pondering Over How to Make This Work

Most bicultural relationships don’t work because the two people involved succumb to the pressure of long distances, language barriers, and familial resistances. Those of which work, it really takes perseverance and patience to keep the flame burning. You have to be ready to face all sorts of bumps and blows, which are going to be all worth it.

If you’ve just entered into a bicultural relationship and things are really pink, here are some things that you should keep in mind as a couple to make your arrangement work:

  1. Appreciate: You already know that there are a lot of differences between the two of you, in terms of morals and cultures mainly. You may even belong to two different sets of ideologies. Inspite of these differences, you fell in love. This is your hook. Stick to it and learn to appreciate. Value your differences and use them to pep up your relationship. It is important for both partners in the relationship to retain their cultural identity. Focus on striking a balance of both cultures and love will never leave your side.
  1. Respect: There may be a lot of negativity flowing into the relationship from outside sources such families or friends who do not approve of your being together as a couple. You should avoid this to cause tension between the two of you. Always respect each, irrespective of what the outside sources vouch you to believe. Respect is the pivot of a relationship, be it biculutural or monocultural.

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  1. Learn About the Other Culture: So you are an Asian and he is British – that’s a lot of difference already, isn’t it? You can overcome this by showing interest in your counterpart’s culture and tell them more about yours. When you enter into a relationship with someone, you must embrace all parts of them wholeheartedly, including their culture, what they eat, how they think, their beliefs and customs. If you show acceptance, they’ll reciprocate and the love will stay fresh and beautiful.

There is no science that can help you crack the secret to successful bicultural relationship. It is compassion, patience and trust that can make all odds work in your favour.