How Can Expats Find the Right Kind of Job in Europe?

Working in a foreign land is a wonderful and unique experience. It provides insights into the country and culture that isn’t your own. It exposes you to a brand new life and pushes you to meet new people, learn a foreign language and get a new outlook on the world. It’s a life not many people get a chance to live. But, as an expat- newbie or seasoned, you have got this chance. It’s an opportunity to experience a huge change in your lifestyle & cultural expectations and working environment. This change of working in another country can be an educational experience and incredibly rewarding, but most people aren’t ready to uproot themselves and step out of their comfort zones. If you are ready to get adventurous and set yourself apart, here’s what you can do as an expat to find the perfect job for yourself.

Working in a foreign land is not always as easy as just flying to that place and finding a job like you would, in your own country. There are work permits, visa issues, and language barriers to hold seekers back. Moreover, there are other obvious questions, like how to look for a suitable job, and where can you expect to find it?

As a newbie, here are some steps that you can follow to find a job overseas:

  • Search for a Basic Job Before you Leave: It will keep you from being a vagabond lost in a foreign land. Finding a stable job overseas is a time-consuming task so expect both time and money investment and be patient!
  • Reaching out online Don’t forget to stay updated on social media platforms. LinkedIn (Viadeo, Xing) can be your powerhouse when it comes to grabbing jobs in a new European country. Make sure you complete the profile and regularly update it.
  • Get in Touch with Expat Groups Before you Leave: It is very important to build networks before moving to a foreign land. And getting in touch with expat groups on Facebook and MeetUp can really help. Just talk about your skills and language competencies. Once you arrived go out and mingle.
  • Build offline Networks: Go to as many networking events as you can. This will help you build networks and you’ll not lose identity. As an expat, it’s important to stay active in the field otherwise, natives tend to forget about you.
  • Get a Business Card: Having a business card will help people in reaching you when they need you. In a foreign land, it becomes difficult to get noticed and a business card will help you sell your skills better, no matter if you’re an employee, entrepreneur or a freelancer.
  • Fix Formal Documentation and Other Required Permits: Apart from visas and work permits, it is important to bring copies of your resume, professional certificates, and any other recommendations.
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Present Your Skills to the International Community

For those who are not interested in working for big corporations, or need to marry family life and children or the ones who simply prefer to work from home managing their time in a flexible way, freelancer platforms (such as ExpatTask) are the best solutions.

Seasoned expats can use their language skills and intercultural experience, sense of adventure and ability to think out of the box to find a job in big and small corporations. Speaking the local language, they can bring a start-up or small business to an international level.

No matter if you’re a newbie, a freelancer or a seasoned expat, following the above steps, you can find good jobs in your work field. Remember, it is not easy in today’s economy but if you try hard enough, you can surely find one that will keep you going or even make you thrive.