10 Essentials Every Male Expat Needs When They Relocate

We’re making the first few days living in a new city a little bit easier for a male expatriate. Because we know you’re too carefree to have ever noticed a woman packing or organizing stuff, here’s a list of must-haves if you’re planning to relocate to a foreign land. As a man, it’s normal that you tend to forget stuff. So make sure you are prepared with all these items that you will need on your way to and at the destination when you arrive. These are the items that you just can’t live without during those first few testing days in an unfamiliar country.

Important Docs & Their Photocopies

Apart from your passport and visas, you’ll be asked to produce many other forms of identification during the first few weeks of relocation. Driving licenses, birth certificates, medical certificates, insurance documentations etc. should be carried in hand luggage and kept safely at all times.

An Expat’s Guide

The most useful thing that you can carry on relocation is a city guide. It will instantly remove the stress associated with finding a place to live, arranging basic utilities, locating medical facilities and making friends.

A Street Directory & Map

Having a street directory will immediately reduce your chances of being lost or conned at a new place. Before you get into taxis or on public transport, this directory will guide you about the fare and routes. It usually provides addresses and contact details of various professionals around you.

Contact Numbers & Email

Many expats find a one-page list of contact numbers and email addresses very useful. It should be made for both the destination country and home. These useful numbers may include your doctors at home, health, and travel insurance provider, banking provider, spouse’s work etc.

Travel Pillow, Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

It’s preferred to carry your own travel pillow, eye mask, ear plugs and blanket etc. This will make sure that you sleep well every time during long hours of your journey.

Phone Case

A cracked phone screen is actually a trouble. Prevent damage to your phone with a case that’s durable. Your phone is your best friend in a foreign land, so keep it safe.

Portable Charger

Fight an unreliable battery and be the master of your own fate with the rechargeable battery. It is must to carry a portable charger as it can instantly power up your dead phone, tablet, or any other USB-charged devices.

Grooming Kit

Keep yourself well groomed while traveling or relocating. Most things are common sense. But for a male expat, it’s obvious to forget the common. You can include a travel bottle of shampoo or men’s body wash, soap, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor, shave cream, and aftershave, men’s lip balm, nail clippers, safety pins, Aspirin or Tylenol, an extra pair of contact lenses, digestive meds (Antacid and Anti-Diarrhea) and band-aids.

Local Currency

Ensure that you have access to local currency in cash form. You may already have a bank account but when things go wrong, local cash works best.


Remember, you’re relocating because you want to experience a whole new culture. Plan your agenda but delayed flights, unreliable rental cards, etc. are inevitable. So if things go wrong, have patience and remember why you started.

Bon Voyage!